Welcome to the website of UAW  Local 74. 
UAW Local 74 is an Amalgamated Union representing John Deere Ottumwa Works, Monroe County Iowa Sheriffs Department, Albia Iowa Police Department, and the Albia Iowa Streets and Sanitation Departments.
UAW Local 74 was chartered April 29, 1942 representing the Dain Corparation. John Deere aquired the Dain Company in 1910.
UAW Local 74
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There is a documentary about how the UAW got started, and the struggles and trials they went through to get us where we are today. If you have Netflix you can view it on there.

The movie is called 
Brothers on the line.

There will now be a 4th membership meeting at 5:45 PM the third Wednesday of the month.
Until after Contract.

There also will be a Veterans meeting at 5:45 PM on the Monday before the membership meeting.